Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wooden Craft Stick Ornaments

Seven more Ornaments left to go!!!

Today's is another fun ornament for the kids to do! It's also another one I got from here...Love this blog!

We did a tree:

Very simple. Glue the sticks in a triangle shape and then we cut another stick to make the trunk. We used water color because I thought a more washed look would be neat. Louie glued on the sequins, but you can decorate with paint, pom poms...whatever! We also did a reindeer:

How cute is this??? It's just an upside down "A"! Again, we used water color to paint, glued on eyes and a red nose! This little guy is my favorite! Lastly we did a star/snowflake...depending on who you are asking: or snowflake? What do you think? Louie thinks it's a star. J told him, "NO, Louie! Stars are yellow!" And I quietly agree with John. But, either way, we glued the sticks together, water colored them and then decorated away with more sequins. And art IS all about interpretation!

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