Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paper Ribbon (Candy) Ornaments

I've got 19 minutes to get this ornament posted before it is officially tomorrow. We had another busy day today. Our church holds a fun kids program called the Great ADVENTure, so we had to get Louie off to that. Then my DH (James) and J. went out to work on more outside decorations while I stayed in and folded some of Mount Laundry. For those of you who don't know...Mt. Laundry is the ever growing mountain of clean (or dirty) clothes that mysteriously form all over our house. Every once in awhile, Mt. Laundry explodes a volcano of socks, BVDs and various particles around and I seem to be the only one who knows how to deal with it. ANYWAY!

It is also our 11th Anniversary! YAY! So my marvelous hubby decided to take me out to dinner. We got the kids over to his parent's house and went out to eat. Thanks, baby!!! Good stuff! Then the Huskers were we watched the game at my in-laws. Then John fell down and bonked his forehead on a corner and got a wicked goose egg. To make a long story short (too late!)...we just got home and I popped out another ornament. And now I am down to 13 minutes to tell you about it...

So. You need some ribbon, scrapbook paper (or similar), pony beads, a hole puncher and scissors. Easy peasy. You need to cut a strip of your paper that measures one inch by 12. Then, starting at one end, punch 7 holes roughly 2 inches apart. It doesn't need to be perfect...mine certainly wasn't! Next, cut an 18 length of ribbon and fold it in half. String your first pony bean onto the doubled up ribbon. Like this:

Then string the ribbon through the first hole you punched in your paper. String on another bead. Then bend your paper and string that through. Keep alternating back and forth to get something like this:

Keep this going until you've gone through the last hole of your paper strip. Finish it off with a pony bead and then tie the two loose ends together. And you're done!

I think it turned out pretty darn cute! I found this ornament here and I'm looking forward to trying some more of the paper ornaments! PHEW! Two minutes left...

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