Thursday, December 9, 2010

Felt Owl Ornaments

I have a long term affection for owls. There was a super cool velvet picture of an owl in my great grandparent's basement that I loved to look at when I was little (I wonder what happened to that?). Anyway, I am delighted that they seem to be making a come back!

And I was even more delighted when I found this at U-create! I clicked on the link and followed the tutorial and now I'm going to share it with you!

I started out at Michael's and went hog wild in the felt aisle. I can't believe the awesome colors of felt that they have! I settled on some funky colors, so maybe Miss Sassy Owl can hang out somewhere around the house even after Christmas. Next, I printed out the templates from the original poster, Jessica at Juicy Bits. Then I cut everything out. Time to assemble my owl!

I had these mini-black buttons to use for eyes. This is where I started.

Then I stitched the eye-balls onto the next piece. And attached the beak. cute!

Then I attached the hot-pink tummy part and the wings. Then it's time to start stitching the front of the owl to the back of the owl. I decided to use a whip-stitch. Which I haven't used since 8th grade Home Ec. So my stitches are a bit...uneven...! When there was just a little bit left to go, I stuffed her! I didn't have any official stuffing and I didn't want to buy any. Instead, I've been saving scraps from other felting projects and I cut them up into tiny bits and used them as stuffing. Worked great!!!

Then I finished stitching the last bit and it was time to hang Miss Sassy Owl on the tree!

I LOVE the way she turned out! Now I just have to work on my stitching skills and I'm ready to make a flock! Are a bunch of owls called a flock? Or are owls more solitary? Whoooo knows!?!

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