Monday, December 6, 2010

Origami Wreath

I'm SO very excited about this ornament!!!


This looks so pretty and is very easy to do. The word "origami" really had me a little bit nervous. It took me back twenty-ish years to a very failed attempt at turning origami into a hobby. But once a Band-Nerd, always a Band-Nerd and I couldn't resist the beauty of using old sheet music to decorate with!

The instructions can be found here. Domesticali does a great job explaining what you need to do. Start off with some old sheet music. Cut it down to 4 cm by 8 cm. You'll need eight 4 x 8 cm pieces to make your wreath.

Each piece needs to be folded in half lengthwise. Then fold them in half again width wise. With the unfolded side up, fold each top corner down. Does that make sense??? What you have should look like this:

Are you with me? This seems harder than it really is. You need to do this to all eight rectangles. Now pinch the two points of your first piece together. Holding the points together, pick up the next piece and slide each point into the openings on the top of the first piece. So what you have looks like this:

Keep doing this piece after piece:

Put the final piece in place!

Did I loose you? I hope I didn't! It really is much easier to do than to explain. And the original post at Domesticali does a much better job than I did so check out their link!

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