Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twisted Pony Beads

Does that sound too much like a heavy metal song? I'm not sure what else to call this ornament creation. I needed something quick today. We started out this morning with a fantastic play-date. Then it was Louie's school Christmas party. Then we had a birthday party to get Louie to. I'm not complaining...I sort of like the hustle and bustle sometimes.

However...(shhhhhhh! don't tell!) I haven't started baking yet! YIKES! So I wanted something simple and festive. I handed Louie a pipe cleaner and my tub-o-beads and the only requirement was that he do a pattern in "Christmas colors". Then we wrapped it around a marker to get the boingy spring shape. 

I really like it! The photo doesn't do it justice, but it looks pretty neat hanging on the tree! Now I'm off to make a bazillion cookies...

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