Thursday, December 2, 2010

25 Day Ornament Challenge...Tube Wreath

I'm back for Day #2 of my Ornament Challenge!

But first I have to share...tonight was John's first ever Holiday program with his pre-school. ADORABLE! John is our super shy guy and is a very big Mama's Boy. However, he did great! He sang all the songs and did all the actions!!! The teachers and their aides do wonderful, WONDERFUL work with the kids. Highlights were the final song...Ballin' The Jack complete with fancy hats and little tuxedo shirts they made from paper towels and construction paper, AND being presented with a beautiful gingerbread house and scene complete with a pond and Santa Claus. And I only got a little teary eyed. (pics to follow...they're on my other camera and I need a new connector to download them to my computer)

So. On to Ornament #2 (appropriate because you use TP rolls!). I've been seeing many crafts done with cut up toilet paper rolls. And they look so darn cute. And we use lots and lots of toilet paper around here. So...why not?!? What you need is: two empty toilet paper rolls, three pipe cleaners, ruler, pencil, scissors, hole puncher, and super duper muscles in your hands to use the hole puncher (either my puncher is getting too old...or I am!!!).

I've tried to write up some coherent directions, but I must be getting tired, because they didn't even make sense to me! I found these ornaments here, and they have an awesome and easy to follow guide. I did take some pictures as I went, though:

I've gotta say...I loved the way these looked on Family Fun's website. On our tree...not so much. It kind of turned out big and klutzy. But it was a fun project to do. The boys had a blast. And that's what counts!

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