Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bottle Cap Wreath Ornament

Thank Goodness tomorrow is Friday! I am ready for the weekend...even though it's the weekend before Christmas and it's going to be CrAzY bUsY! (I've secretly always wanted to do the caps lower case crazy type.)

Today's ornament is Green...and not just in a Christmas Color way! I bought a six pack of mini-Mt. Dew bottles to make this recipe for Apple Dumplings. In case you were wondering...they were wicked good. So good I can't even talk about it! If you like sweet and cinnamony crispiness...head over there and try them out! Ohhhh...I just drooled a little...

Anyway...I've got these bottles and we recycle. But I'm looking at the caps thinking...I could make something out of them...they look like hard pom poms. WREATH!

Plus, they have this cool little star shape in the middle:

I arranged them in the wreathish shape I wanted and then hot glued them together and here's what I got:

Then I glued on a red yarn bow and a hanger on the back. I've really got to improve my bow/embellishing skills. Still, the simple yarn bow works with this wreath.'s my quirky recycled ornament:


Wendy said...

This is very cute, it would be a fun and educational craft for kids! Recycle Reuse - Merry Christmas!!

Stacy Risenmay said...

How clever! Thanks for linking up this week!