Monday, December 19, 2011


That's what that Silly Frosty the Snowman is always saying instead of Merry Christmas!

Last year that was John's go-to video. We watched Frosty. A lot. And the second one, too. With Mrs. Frosty. The only thing I remember about Frosty the Sequel is when the kids want to name his SnowBride Minnie Haw Haw.
LOVE IT! Minnie Haw Haw...someone was downing some seriously good cocktails when they came up with that!

But we all love nostalgia of Frosty the Snowman. He is a jolly happy soul.

So I had to make this...

...when I saw the instructions over at The Crafty Crow. Too cute! And I luv me some TP-roll crafts!
My hot glue gun did get a bit carried a way, so the felt flower looks a little sloppy.
But the look on John's face when he saw the ornament on the tree was priceless!

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