Sunday, December 18, 2011

Angels We Have Heard on High!

Today's Ornaments are so Angelic!!!

Just like this:

This is my third grader before his school Christmas program. The 8 & 9 year old boys were overjoyed to be dressed like Angels (hint of sarcasm), but they looked so sweet and the program was great!

I got the inspiration and instructions for these angel ornaments at Sycamore Stirrings. The tutorial there is great and easy to follow. I loved her advice about using something to hold the bead head while you paint the face! I used some extra paint brushes and I thought they looked funny!

Now. You'll note the blond angel AND the brunette angel. Louie has a friend (that's a girl) that he would like to give a Christmas gift to. This cute little brown haired angel is the gift we decided on.

So here's our sweet little Angel, watching over the tree.

And here's Louie's friend (that's a girl. yikes!). Waiting to be wrapped.

This whole friend (that's a girl) thing can be a bit daunting! Just so you all know that I'm not encouraging my 8 year old into teen behavior or letting him play fast &'s how our conversation went when he told me he liked her.

Me: So. What does that mean? You like her?
Louie: Yeah. I like her.
Me: Well. What is it you like about her?
Louie: Well. She's really funny and I make her laugh. She's the best singer in our class. She's not weird like the other girls are.
Me: So. Do you, like, want to hold her hand and kiss her?
Louie: No WAY! That's totally NOT what I want to do. I'm not ready to get married!
 Me (silently in my heart of hearts): Thank you, God!

Then he asked about getting her a gift. I re-asked the kissing part. He rolled his eyes and looked like he was going to barf. I said, "Sure! What should we make her?"

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katy said...

These are so darling! Thanks for the link-back. Merry Christmas!