Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Looming Elf?

Are your kids obsessed with this Rainbow Loom Craze?
Are YOU obsessed with this Rainbow Loom Craze?!?!
My kids sure are...and so am I!
When the little monsters fall asleep, I'm checking out new patterns on YouTube.
But what a fun and creative thing to grab their attention and get them crafting.

Here are three new bracelets my kids wore to school today:

But I didn't make them! Someone else has been swept up in Looming Madness!

Looks like he got all twisted up and stuck to our loom!

What a Silly Elf!
He must have been looming all night! At least it looks like he was able to make himself a bracelet before he got all tangled in the mini rubber bands!

For real...our kids thought this was hilarious! They found him right away since he had his "work space" set up on our couch. I think that our Christmas Elf doing something so...normal...was what they loved the most. 

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Crochet Granny Trees

I have a tradition of creating an ornament each day between December 1st and Christmas Day. Whether I put them on a tree, garland, or package...doesn't matter!

So. When I can add my love of ornaments with my love of crochet with (specifically) my love of granny squares...this is what happens...

And this...

Very cute & cozy Granny Trees!

I used a pattern from The Royal Sisters blog. Her pattern is easy to follow and she has wonderful photos to go along with the written instructions!

Here they are hanging on our tree!

Elf Not So Much On A Shelf

Happy December First!

In our house that means Official Christmas Mode. Since we were visited last year by a creepy-yet-cute Elf, December first also means I've been getting lots of questions like this, "Is it time for Filmore to come back?" and "When is Filmore coming? I'm SURE he was here this time last year!"

Filmore is our Elf. Our Elf that, by popular demand, does not stay on a shelf! Filmore isn't too enthusiastic; he doesn't dump flour all around my kitchen or put all the Christmas ornaments away. But he's mildly funny and entertaining!

Last year he arrived in fanfare with a letter from the Big Man Himself, and a sugar-fest breakfast for the kids. This year was much more subtle. 

We had some friends over to visit today. The kids all played and the Moms hung out in the kitchen and chatted. When it was time for them to head home, we all stepped out onto the front stoop to wave good-bye and when we stepped back inside, Filmore was peering out of our tree! 
The kids were ecstatic!

We sat down under Filmore's watchful gaze and reviewed the "rules".
No touching the Elf.
There are no naughty kids...only naughty choices. God...always loves us. He wants us to be helpful and kind. He is always ready to forgive us.

Where will this little guy be tomorrow?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Basketball Cake...and Tears

Somehow I closed my eyes and took a sigh and my sweet baby boy...

...turned into this five foot tall, athletic, smart, funny, and handsome young man.
All it took was ten years. A decade. I have been a Mother for a Decade.

Now I understand all those parents and grandparents who told me time and time again, "Cherish these moments." "Love him up while you can." "He'll be grown before you know it." Because at the end of these next ten years, he will be twenty. A thought that makes my throat seize and my eyes fill with tears.

And I thank God for ten years of  gigantic smiles, bright brilliant blue eyes, goofy dancing in the kitchen, cuddles, excellent debates and discussions, reading together, music, praying together, endless laughter and endless adventures.

So how do you celebrate all this? With a cake! Doesn't cake make everything better??? Even the idea that your baby isn't a baby anymore is lightened up by his excitement over Birthday Cake!

Yep. That's Louie. My Ten Year Old.

And this is his awesome Basketball Swoosh Cake! Inspired by Parenting Magazine...they always have the best birthday cake ideas RIGHT before our Birthday Season starts!

Basking in the Glow of 10 Candles!

Now...excuse me while I grab some toilet paper...I've run out of Kleenex!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Countdown to Summer!

I may have mentioned before that my family has an affinity for Paper Chains...

Well. We do! Our three started asking if we could make a paper chain count down to Summer Vacation...right after Christmas! I was able to hold them off until now.

Here we go! Our "Spring" (and I use the term very loosely) here in Nebraska has been very cold. And wet. And gray. And drizzly. We had snowfall on May 1st...and the last time snow fell on Nebraska in May was 1967!

So to jazz up our chains...the kids made some smiley suns to remind us of warmer weather yet to come! And we went with a rainbow pattern, because who doesn't love rainbows?!?!

Katy pulling off her first chain.

John's turn!

Our fourth grader's final day is May 22nd and the little two are finished on May 24th. Just in time for Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart Hair Clip

Nothing says My Sweet Valentine more than Hearts!
I found this cute idea for a Valentine hair clip at Skip to My Lou. There is a simple crochet pattern to make the heart with embroidery thread. This is the first time I've used anything but yarn to crochet with and I loved it! I've got a whole new world of  hearts and flowers and butterflies!

Perfect to pull back some wispy Lil Valentine hair!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Crochet Heart Bracelet

Two Blog Posts in One Day!

I'm on Fire!

I wanted to share these cute and easy bracelets I made last year for my Katy Bug!

I saw them over at Tangled Happy, and there is an easy-to-follow pattern with lots of pictures along the way!

I was able to use some left over white yarn from my stash and I found the pretty heart beads in the Wally Mart craft section. Note the faded Mrs. Potts & Chip tat on Katy's hand. She's such a rebel!

I Heart Hot Chocolate

We are a Hot Chocolate type of family. When it's frosty and chilly and snowy and we've been outside nothing is yummier to warm up with.


When it's frosty and chilly and snowy and we've been inside *looking* outside!
I'll repeat. Nothing is yummier!

We decided to show our Love of the Treat and Celebrate the Month of Love all at once.

Why yes. That is a giant Heart floating in some Hot Chocolate. I'm sure you've seen shots of this on Pinterest and around. I'm not the inventor of the idea. And I'm not sure how everyone else does this...but I'll tell you how we did it!

I thawed a tub of Cool Whip. Then I flopped it on a sheet of wax paper and tried to spread it out evenly. I say "tried" because my children seem to think that as soon as the Cool Whip is out of the Tub it is perfectly acceptable to dip their fingers into it and chow down. (I wonder where they get their table manners from?) So...anyway...I was rushed.

Put your Sheet 'O Whip in the freezer. This is the hardest part. You have to wait for it to freeze.
And. It. Took. Forever.

So. We pulled it out when it was solid, but only just.
Use a cookie cutter in the shape you desire, and cookie cut away!

I think if we would have waited for it to become more firm it would have been not so messy pulling up the hearts. But it wasn't too bad! Maybe a few fingerprints...

Then heat up some Hot Chocolate and garnish it with your Cool Whip Heart.

Waste not Want not...Mom's mug got all the little non-heart bits left over from cutting!

This was really a fun way to serve up Hot Chocolate! My kids were in on it, but it would make a sweet surprise for Valentine's Day, a Birthday, when they come in from the cold, or just because!

The Cool Whip melted much faster than marshmallows do. Also, because it was frozen, the Hot Chocolate cooled nicely as the hearts melted.