Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Looming Elf?

Are your kids obsessed with this Rainbow Loom Craze?
Are YOU obsessed with this Rainbow Loom Craze?!?!
My kids sure are...and so am I!
When the little monsters fall asleep, I'm checking out new patterns on YouTube.
But what a fun and creative thing to grab their attention and get them crafting.

Here are three new bracelets my kids wore to school today:

But I didn't make them! Someone else has been swept up in Looming Madness!

Looks like he got all twisted up and stuck to our loom!

What a Silly Elf!
He must have been looming all night! At least it looks like he was able to make himself a bracelet before he got all tangled in the mini rubber bands!

For real...our kids thought this was hilarious! They found him right away since he had his "work space" set up on our couch. I think that our Christmas Elf doing something so...normal...was what they loved the most. 

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