Sunday, December 2, 2012

Melted Perler Bead Ornaments

Already on Day 3 of my Ornament Challenge! I can tell December is going to fly by really fast this year. Our youngest is in pre-school this year and dance. Then there is swimming all around and basketball for the oldest. PHEW!

December...or rather so wonderful in that we are all still busy as ever, but there is a reason to make yourself pause and: pray, reflect, wonder, make some magic, help someone out. The list is endless. I love it!

So today we did a melty plastic project! There is an awesome Perler Bead pin running around Pinterest. The beaded moose. I'm sure you have seen it! Follow the link to a blog titled WOOZ.DK and it's in Danish! Thank goodness for Google Translator!!!

With this Beaded Moose in my head...I flipped out while on a recent vacay in Minneapolis I found a set of cookie cutters with a moose that looked identical to the Pin at Ikea! Grabbed it up! And here is how it turned out:

This was fun and easy! The only change I made from the original post was I upped my oven temp to 300. Maybe that's a Danish/Nebraskan translation??? Anyway...after about 30 minutes on 200 my beads weren't melting at all. Up to 300 and five minutes later and it was done!

We also made a Star!

Elf on the Shelf...or Not!

Well, we've got a busy little Elf at this house! They guy hasn't sat on a shelf ONCE!

This morning we found this:

It seems that Filmore was getting a bit lonely. He gathered up some of his Best Buddies from around our house and sat them all down to read a story!

He got everyone to climb on top of our tubs full of Christmas decorations and sit nice and quiet! Maybe tonight he and his posse can dig out the decorations and put them up for us! And do the dishes. And fold some towels...

These friends are hanging onto every word of this story! And the best part is...Filmore brought back "The Animals Christmas Eve" from the North Pole and we get to keep it! We love new books!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Elf in Our Tree

This little Felt Bodied and Plastic/Rubber Headed Elf is making us all insanely excited! Like CrAzY excited!

Last night was our oldest's turn to spend the night with Gram & Gramps. So we let the little two "camp" out in the living room and fall asleep to the soft Christmasey Tree Glow. This morning...a little past the crack of dawn... I hear whispering and some giggles. Then I hear Thump Thump Thump which translates into chubby bare feet smacking the hard wood floor.

Then from the kitchen are squeals of astonishment and delight. "HE'S GONE! FILMORE MOVED!!!!!!!" at the same time as, "OHMAGOSH! Where is he???????" (insane punctuation to enforce the level of Christmas Excitement Spazzyness)

Thump Thump Thump Thump which translates to chubby bare feet scurrying around looking for him. Then, "He's HERE! He's on the tree!!!!!! FILMORE is on the Christmas Tree!!!! He has a SIGN!!!!!"

All for this:

Filmore is perched near the top of the Christmas Tree. And the children spoke the truth...he is holding a sign.

Filmore say What? Only 24 more days 'till Christmas? How will we ever keep track of how many days?

Obviously with the Elvin Sized Mini Paper Chain he made us! Filmore somehow knew our family had an affinity for keeping track of things with paper chains! This baby is staying on the tree and each night we will gingerly tear off a tiny piece of the chain.

Filmore. You Rock our Christmas World!

Crochet Stocking Ornament

For the past couple of years, I've challenged myself to make an ornament a day from December 1 to December 25th! is December 1.

So here is Day 1 of Ornie Challenge 2012!

How cute is a little Granny Square Christmas Stocking??? Complete with a candy cane! I found the pattern at Eating Out Loud. They work up quick and easy and there is a great photo tutorial to follow along with the pattern.

In fact, the pattern is so fast and fun...I couldn't stop myself!

Then I started having fun and mixing it up!

I was working on these in the back of our church while our oldest was going through some training to be an Altar Server. One of his best buddies since forever came back to chat and he was fascinated by the entire crochet process. "How do you do that? Do you think I could learn? These are so cool! Hey, everyone, look at these!!!" He was so sweet (he's always so sweet) I decided to make one for him. And his little brother. And his two little sisters. And then my three kids. Like I said...I'm addicted...

Love Them!!!

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