Sunday, December 1, 2013

Elf Not So Much On A Shelf

Happy December First!

In our house that means Official Christmas Mode. Since we were visited last year by a creepy-yet-cute Elf, December first also means I've been getting lots of questions like this, "Is it time for Filmore to come back?" and "When is Filmore coming? I'm SURE he was here this time last year!"

Filmore is our Elf. Our Elf that, by popular demand, does not stay on a shelf! Filmore isn't too enthusiastic; he doesn't dump flour all around my kitchen or put all the Christmas ornaments away. But he's mildly funny and entertaining!

Last year he arrived in fanfare with a letter from the Big Man Himself, and a sugar-fest breakfast for the kids. This year was much more subtle. 

We had some friends over to visit today. The kids all played and the Moms hung out in the kitchen and chatted. When it was time for them to head home, we all stepped out onto the front stoop to wave good-bye and when we stepped back inside, Filmore was peering out of our tree! 
The kids were ecstatic!

We sat down under Filmore's watchful gaze and reviewed the "rules".
No touching the Elf.
There are no naughty kids...only naughty choices. God...always loves us. He wants us to be helpful and kind. He is always ready to forgive us.

Where will this little guy be tomorrow?

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