Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let it Snow!

If there were a Christmas Song about Having Good Intentions yet being a Monster would be my Theme Song.

However...the Bright Side of it is I get to bring you two ornaments for today! Let me see if I have this right...I did Thursday's Ornament Yesterday. So I have Yesterday's and Today's to do Today? Sound good??? Awesomesauce. (that's my new word. I can't stop saying it.)

First! I made this cute little tree out of tiered snowflakes!

It's sort of hard to see the tree-ness of it from this angle. But I love this snowflake shape. It came with my Silhouette machine. Am I doing a Silhouette plug??? Nope! I just really like mine. However, if the Silhouette people are out there and reading this...feel free to send me any products to review!

I found the How To at Better Homes and Gardens' site. You, basically, string beads and your paper flakes onto a thread.

Here is a better Tree-ish shot:

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