Saturday, December 17, 2011

Craft Stick Crafting

I'm on the home stretch! 
Christmas Eve is in exactly one week! My side of the family always celebrates Christmas Eve and then we gather with my hub's side of the family on Christmas Day. This is going to be one crazy fun week!

On to Ornie #17!
I love craft sticks...or as I like to call them "popsicle sticks"! It takes me back to grade school and Girl Scouts. Simpler times! I also say "pipe cleaners" instead of chenille stems. Who so fancy???

Anyway! I love popsicle sticks & pipe cleaners and that's half of today's Ornie Equation!

Add a sparkly red pom pom and goggle eyes and behold:

Crazy Cute Reindeer!
I DIYed it right from Let's Explore!
It would be so easy for kiddos to do. I did mine in the dead of night when everyone was sawing logs, but I may have John & Louie whip some up themselves this week. favorite part...there isn't even a hanger. Just stick a branch through the middle section.

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