Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paper Heart Ornament

Today's Ornament...I don't even know what number I'm it the 14th???
Louie was home sick today with whatever stomach bug is going around. It was a total stay in our jams and chill sort of day. Then I hurried up, got dressed, ran and picked up John from pre-school, came home and hurried right back into my jams!


So. Today's Ornament is sort of chill. 

Just a cute little paper heart. Chillin' at the bottom of the tree!

You can find a great tutorial at Reese Dixon. I'm running a little low on Holiday themed paper, so I used two patterns instead of four...mine having a plain color on the backside.

It's a cute and quick decoration. I'm having Visions of Valentine's Day dancing in my head...
Come February you all may be deja vu-ing!

On a sad note...
Mr. Colorful Polka Dot Ornie fell to his death.

With all the new ornies going up on the made me think of the Lion King (cue Circle of Life music!).

This is an ornament I gave my Grandma Rita 20ish years ago. When she moved in with my folks a few years back, she started giving me a lot of her Christmas stuff. 

It's Louie's 9th Christmas (he was crawling that first it counts!) and this is the first time we had ornament breakage!

However. It took about a nano-second before fingers were being shot all around. Louie is blaming John. John is blaming Louie. Kat is looking at me and shrugging, saying, "It wasn't ME, Mama."

Here's the scoop. My kids had built a "fort" in the living room. They are obsessed with all of the pillows and blankets of the house being in the living room. All of the time. Some one is sure...maybe ghosts??? Some how the "fort" ended up right next to the tree. Louie was the catapult (remember. he's the sick one.). The cushion of the couch was the boulder. John was the invisible force that carried the boulder from the catapult to the other side of the "fort". Hey, at least they didn't just throw the cushion! Anywho, as John was "Oh. So. Carefully. Mom. I was Oh. So. Careful." stepping around the "fort" wall, the pillow he was carrying whammed into the tree. 
And that was the end of Mr. Polka Dot Ornie.

I'm sure he is twinkling in the Heaven's tonight...just like Mufasa. (to be said in funny hyena voice.)

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Creatively Content said...

thanks for your comment on our little wreaths!! These little heart ornaments are my fav so far that you have done. Super cute.