Friday, December 16, 2011

Away In a Manger...

Is my absolute favorite Christmas song. In fact, I see it as more of a lullaby and I sing it to my kiddos year round! I also have a love of Nativity sets. I'm getting a little collection going!

So I was fascinated when I spotted THIS on Pinterest!

Love It!
And, of course, I was in love with the idea of making one of my own. So intriguing. Like a ship in a bottle!

I've got a small army of clear glass ornaments. So that part was easy. I found a Nativity shape on the Silhouette online store that I liked and I took a lucky guess at the sizing. I say lucky, because I only had to do one cut on my machine. I put some fake snow into the ornament...I realize there was no snow at the Birth of Christ...but it's so pretty and almost Heavenly looking. Anyway, I then very gently rolled up my cut out and inserted it into the ornament. I soon figured out that tweezers would be a handy tool, and I grabbed ours. It took some working, but using the tweezers I was able to get the cut out placed exactly how I wanted. And here it is:

Soooooooo coooooool!

My children were amazed! How did I do that? How did I get the paper into the ornament?

Christmas is such a magical time!

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