Monday, December 19, 2011

Jolly Holly

First...a little Jolly.

A Jolly Hair Pretty for Miss Kat that I whipped up in no time.

This is just a regular alligator clip with sparkly pom poms hot glued on. My Model wasn't so cooperative, but it really is a simple way to glam up a Girlie's Do!

And now...some Holly!

I had mentioned on my personal facebook page that it was time to "Deck our Halls". My Aunt who lives in Washington decided to snip us some "Boughs of Holly" from her Holly bush and send them to us.

I was totally surprised and delighted!

Warning...the berries are poisonous. And the leaves are sharp little suckers! So I put some in a jar on my kitchen shelf where the kiddos can't reach them.

I'm loving how festive it looks!

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