Friday, December 23, 2011

Giant Play Ring

Doing my last post on the Pomander Ornament reminded me of something!

With some of the extra felt rosettes I had, I whipped out this cute little Stocking Stuffer for Miss Kat!

It's crazy gaudy, right???

And it doesn't look so great on my Big Man Hands. Seriously...I my hands look like they've come through the Depression, or a Prize Fight minus the gloves.

But...I'm's going to look great on my Girlie's Dainty Princess Finger! And she loves anything over the top!

Here's how it worked.

I had a jillion of these felt rosettes made up.

Hmmmm...annoying ring pop! Do your kids love these? Mine do. And my parents love buying them for my kids. And my kids love putting half sucked on ones in their pockets. And my dryer loves smearing the sticky mess all over the rest of the clothes. But I digress. Force your child to eat a ring pop, then wash the base and snip off the little stem piece.

Start hot gluing your rosettes onto the newly flattened base! Or you could cut out felt flowers, or paper flowers, or buttons...whatever!

I was able to squeeze four rosettes onto the thing. Then I let the glue harden.

Pretty Play Ring Perfection!

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