Thursday, September 1, 2011


Lately my Blogging has been sporadic. Side Story on the word "sporadic"! I'm going to admit that I like the movie Clueless. Makes me laugh. Don't judge. Anyway...I love the part where Alicia is trying to "improve" Brittany Murphy by teaching her new vocabulary words. Are you with me??? The first word is "sporadic" and Alicia tells her to use it in a when the Paul Rudd character tells Brittany he'll see her around, she replies, "Yeah. I hope not sporadically!"

Ahhhhh. Good times.

Okay! Anyone still reading??? On to the original reason for my post! My sporadic blogging has me thinking that I need to challenge myself! So I'm doing a Super Special September Challenge for myself. You can feel free to follow along with me, or just read about what I'm doing!

What is this Amazingly Cool Challenge??? Here's a couple of photo hints...


Now what could I have up my sleeve that involves these crazy colors of yarn???

Check Back later today to see!!!

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Jennifer said...

Maybe a Granny-a-day challenge?