Monday, September 5, 2011

Granny Fail!

Well. It was bound to happen. I was getting all cocky and puffed up with my Granny Success.


I'm embarrassed to even post photos of this one, but I want to stay true to my challenge. And with all the good comes bad...right??? Plus, maybe you more seasoned crocheters could give me some critique on what probably went wrong. I'm thinking it's my tension, but what do I know?!?

Or I could blame my new Hook! I'm tempted to go with that...but I know my tension is not what it could be. I tend to crochet really tight. Like so tight I have a hard time poking the hook through on the next round. With this challenge, though, I've been pleased that my stitches have been loose and easy. So...before this starts reading like soft-crochet-porn (hook, tight, loose, easy...)! Here she is!

Can we say Wonky??? Yikes! Tension? I've stretched and stretched and I can't get her straight!

I need to give some credit, though...the pattern I just murdered was found here. See how pretty it is supposed to be?!?

And my zoom lens found some very pretty sections of my square...

The center turned out great!

Pretty little rows.

See! She looks great in bitty pieces! 

Here's my new Hook. It was working great in the beginning!


Jennifer said...

I tend to crochet tight, too, especially if I've been doing amigurumi, which has to be tight. I almost always have to go up at least one hook size no matter what. I think you might need to either make your chain stitches looser or just add a chain stitch (4 instead of 3) to make that space bigger. The DCs into the spaces look crowded.

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