Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Week Ago

So. Here is my Last Tuesday Granny. This Tuesday.

Did you ever have one of those weeks? I'm sure you have.

Nothing goes right. Murphy's Law. If it can break or stop working...it will.

And then everyone feels blah, and crotchety, and crabby apple-y. Like you feel that everyone is on the verge of coming down with a cold. And since everyone feels ucky, we take it out on each other.

That was last week.

But it' a new week! And the coffee is brewing! And the birds are singing! And the children are laughing!

We'll see if it keeps up...

On to the Granny!

This one is call Bambino Square and it incorporates a couple of new things for me!

I've got the Long Double Crochet going on in the fourth row. And then I made clusters in the fifth row. Pretty basic stuff, but new and exciting to me!

Here's the finished square! Well. Finished for me. There's supposed to be another row, but I'm still paranoid about big squares, so I stopped when I thought it looked good!

I LOVE the Long Double Crochet! It makes me think of those first two baby teeth, poking up. Weird?

I found the Bambino Square here but I'm sure I found it via Ravelry (I just can't find it on my line up over there).


Jennifer said...

Learning new stitches is fun. I always get way too excited about it =)

Amy said...

GOOD! Then it's not just me! LOL It's the little things in life!