Thursday, September 8, 2011

Traditional (?) Granny

When I first saw this Granny here, I thought it was a traditional Granny. Then I noticed there isn't as big of a space between the double crochet clusters. It's a nice twist!

What do you think?

And now...another Artsy Fartsy Lighting Shot

Well. Our cRaZy week is almost over.

Tomorrow = Grandparent Luncheon at Louie's school in honor of Grandparent's Day. And John's first micro-soccer game. Should be hilarious!

Sat = John's (very belated) Family Birthday Party. Then an outdoor church service. Then a pig roast dinner at church and the Husker game.

Sunday = Our Parish festival. Always fun! And then our Pack is doing clean-up for a service project.

Totally Do-able! But I've got to clean the house & garage in there sometime...and do about 90 loads of laundry! Oh. And I think our sink still is full of dirty dishes from the day. Oh. And I might be procrastinating. Can you tell???

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