Friday, September 2, 2011

A Granny A Day...

I just finished my second square and I'm pretty excited!

Isn't she pretty??? I really like this one! I found the pattern here at Yarning.

I love the first two rounds!

I'm not sure what my camera was doing...but I kind of like how artsy fartsy this one looks! mean I made this photo look all artsy fartsy on purpose!!!

Whoops! I guess I didn't think ahead about the squares being all different sizes! I think I'll plow on and then I can always add rounds, or make some extra squares to make my throw all nice and rectangley! Second Square is a perfect quarter of my First.

Fingers Crossed!!!

1 comment:

Creatively Content said...

Amy, Congrats! They look great. Way to go on teaching yourself how to crochet. I love how you make goals for yourself. One square a day is so doable. Maybe I will do something like that for quilting. :)