Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today's Granny...

Today's Granny is a great combination of two things I really enjoy:
Crochet (which I know how to do) + Quilting (which I would like to know how to do)!

It's called the Log Cabin Granny and I found the pattern here at Dutch Girl Diary. Erin has got a great tutorial with lots of pictures to keep you on track!

Wanna see mine???

Isn't it cool? You can make yours a lot bigger, but I'm finding that my smaller squares have less of a chance of going all wonky on me! I wanted to stay true to my color combo for this challenge, but I can see these made up in a crazy variety of colors!

We've got this crazy busy week & weekend going on. I'm finding the time I set aside to get these squares done really is helping me to calm down and relax. Yay for Crochet!!!

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Jennifer said...

Yeah, I was in a pretty foul mood earlier today and I put myself in time out with my crochet bag. It helped a ton =)