Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Bucket List Final Stats...

Now that we've got a couple weeks of school under our belts, I think we can safely say that Summer is over. Sigh.

I wanted to go back and visit the Summer Bucket List we started way back last May.

We didn't get everything done, but we certainly had FUN! And it was really all about having something to do. A reason to not stay in our jammies all day (although, we had a few of those days, too!).

Here's a little tour of our Summer:

Playing Some Putt Putt

Scavenger Hunts around the Neighborhood

WATER table, guns, balloons...whatever!

Exploring a New Park...Storybook Island in Cedar Rapids, SD

We didn't make Giant Bubbles, but these dollar bin water guns were amazing!

Outside the Omaha Children's Museum

Lots of Swimming at the Pool

The boys made some DIY Moon Sand

Rock Painting...this one is Kat's masterpiece

Planted herbs in mini-pots

Checking out a new Spray Park

These are just some of the things we accomplished! As for the stuff we didn't get to...that's what next Summer is for!!!

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