Friday, August 5, 2011

Easiest Dress You'll Ever Sew!

When I was a little girl I loved summertime, because I could wear my stash of Sun Dresses!

So comfy! So girly!

Now I've got my own daughter to dress like a little mini me pass on the Sun Dress Love!

We were shopping at Wal-Mart back at the beginning of summer mainly to check out the crafty section. There are only two Wal-Marts left in town that carry fabric and the whole caboodle and so I drove my family 20 minutes out of the way to hit one!

I'm so glad I did, because they had this super cute Tinkerbell fabric. ALREADY shirred and hemmed! YaHoo! I didn't have my Little Ladies measurements on hand, so I stood her up in the cart and wrapped the fabric directly around her. Very professional.

This is so easy, I didn't even take photos. When we got home I re-wrapped her and pinned it to fit. You basically make an inside-out tube of the fabric by stitching up a side (or I did a back) seam. Then I measured the length she would need for straps and cut some ribbon I already had on hand. I stitched both straps into place. Turn it all pretty-side-out. Then I finished it up by stitching a button on the front of each strap.

Wanna See???

Easy Sun Dress Perfection. It makes her look ridiculously tall and grown up!

Oh. As I was doing this "photo shoot" our Middle One got into a huff about me not EVER taking HIS picture or blogging about HIM. So here is Mister-In-The-Middle...posing in his hand-me-down jammies.

First stop...Living Room Sofa Runway. Next stop...Cover of Fashion Magazine.

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Jennifer said...

My girls always want me to get that fabric but I always have something else I have to get instead. I hate shirring things myself =) And your little boy! I adore glasses on little kids. Olivia will eventually have to have them for sure, but she won't be so little then.