Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ummmm...Enter Lame No-Blogging Excuse!

Any excuse I could give for a three week absence would be totally lame.

But I'd like to point a big finger at Pinterest!

Do you all Pin? 
If you do, come follow me. I'll follow you back! If you don't and want to jump on the band wagon, I'll hook you up with an invite! 

Whoa, Baby!

I heart it will all my big puffy heart! A billion Greater Than 3's!

However. My adorable hubs said to me last night, "Oh. You're on Pinterest again. When was your last blog post?" In his cute and innocently helpful tone. Grrrrr. I hate when he's right!

So I hope you all aren't mad at me! Maybe a 'been there done that' sort of thing? To make it up...I've got a project to share that I found (drum roll) on Pinterest!!!

Milk Glass on a Dollar Store Budget!

Love, Love, LOVE it!!! I found the idea and pinned it HERE on my board. The original link is from the awesome blog, Keep It Simple, Sister . I'm not sure about Pin / Blog / Link I thought I'd include both! (any thoughts or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!).

The vase is plastic...from the Dollar Tree. Yep. A whole dollar. Then I spray painted the inside white. Yep. That's it! Spray painting the inside keeps the shiny glassy look on the outside. And, you're done!

Here's a close up of the detail on the vase! I'm pretty excited with the end result!

It was so inexpensive and quick to I have extra time to waste on Pinterest!!!

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mamareav said...

I am totally feeling the pinterest thing! Pintervention is needed I think...its just so good.....