Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stamped Heart Flowers

It's almost Valentine's Day and we're geared up and ready to go! Holidays are so much more fun now that we have the kiddos...they get SO excited about things and their excitement is contagious!

I've got another craft to share. I found these cute "flowers" here at Maya Made and fell in love with them. This is a project that both boys enjoyed and they love handing out bouquets made up of these "flowers"!

We started by drawing hearts onto a kitchen sponge (a new clean one!) and cutting it out. Here is Louie-the-Sponge-Hearted.

I can't get this kid out of his tie dye shirt. We'll have to make up some more of them this summer. Anyway! Then we started stamping red and white hearts on brown and white butcher paper. John was happy about this because his fingers stayed pretty clean!

Hmmm...clean fingers, but painty table and jammies! Oh well!

Magnificent gooey paint hearts! We finished stamping and then hung them up to dry. Then the next day I cut out around the hearts and paper punched them at the bottom point.

Then I got out our pipe cleaners and cut them to some different lengths.

I grabbed my Button Bag and pushed one end of the pipe cleaner through my button.

That last photo makes me giggle. Not sure why... ANYWAY! I coiled the tip of the pipe cleaner so it wouldn't slide off. Then I fed the pipe cleaner through the holes I punched in the hearts.

I should note that my boys had given up on this project by now. They are about as crafty as...I don't know what...but not much! They're MUCH more into cooking & baking. But, this would be a great project for a child to do on their own...I've got high hopes for the girlie...

Scootch those hearts up to your button and then thread another button on behind them. Squeeze the buttons together to make a tight fit.

I was worried about this second button slipping out of place. I picked smaller buttons to do the job, and so far so good! Your final step is to fan out your "petals" and display them in a pretty spot!

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What a fun project to do with kids!! It's so adorable! Thank you so much for linking up to DotDOtDOt, it made my day!
I will be featuring this! So go grab a button!
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