Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bleedin' Snake Cake

I want to share my First Place Cake at the Blue & Gold Scout Banquet!!! VERY EXCITING!

I don't mean to Toot my own Horn...but it's pretty sweet, right?!? (toot! toot!) It's obvious why I call it a Snake Cake, but where does the " Bleedin' " part come in?

Ahhhhhh...Red Velvet Cake! I'm going to assume most of you have seen Steel Magnolias...and ever since I did way back in 7th grade...every time I see an animal cake I think of the Bleedin' Armadilla grooms cake! And the best way to make an animal cake "bleed" is to stuff it with red cake! (don't judge...I've got TWO's all about blood and gross stuff over here!)

So I made up two cake mixes and baked them in bundt pans.

I think I watch too many movies, because when I see a bundt cake I think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding..."But there's a hole in this cake!"

Anyway, let your cakes cool down. Then I sliced each in half and fit them together to make a curvy snake body.

I shaved off a bit at one end to make it look more head-like, and a bit at the opposite end to make it look like a tapered tail. Then I went to town with my Star Tip!

This is regular Chocolate frosting. I planned on adding black food coloring to the chocolate, but I was out!

Green came next. Louie picked out the color combo since it was technically HIS Blue & Gold cake entry. Star Tipping took a long time, but the stripes ended up SO nice and neat. The bundt pan also helped by giving me clear line markings to fill in with color.

Last came the blue. I should mention that the blue & green frosting I used was a home made cream cheese frosting (awesome with the red velvet and chocolate!). Then I used two peanut M&M's for the eyes and a piece of licorice sliced in half for the tongue.

It was well worth all the work! And I knew what I was getting into because...

...I made one the year before for Louie's Birthday!

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