Monday, February 7, 2011

Bubble Wrap Hearts

We had one crazy weekend over here!

Now it's Monday and I think I've been bit by the flu bug. Ugh! You know how if there are giant weights dragging down your arms, legs & eyelids. And you're so achey, you hair hurts! That's me today.

My lovely hubby is taking over my Cub Scout den meeting this afternoon and I'm home with my cuddly J & Kat. They are playing so nicely and quietly that I thought I'd grab my computer and try to get my mind off feeling yucky.

Here's our newest Valentine project!

This crazy big Heart Garland that I've strung up above our kitchen sink. (Sorry about the glare!) We had SO much fun making it...except for maybe J who HATES to get his hands dirty...or rather...he HATES to wash his hands, so he avoids getting them dirty at all costs!

We started with some bubble wrap and paint. I asked the boys to pick "Valentiney Colors" and this is what they brought me.

The seven year old brought me red and white. The three year old brought me pink and purple. I found that interesting. J is definately our one to think outside the box! I then instructed the boys to paint on their bubble wrap (we did this back in November to make Indian Corn).

Here's where J backed down. "It get on me's hands!" Louie trooped on. When you've painted your bubble wrap the way you want it, press it down on some paper.

Then gently pull it back to reveal your pattern.

We then hung up all our sheets to dry overnight. The next morning I pulled out my handy cookie cutters.

I love the variety of sizes! I used them as stencils and traced out hearts over the bubble prints.

Very cool! The patterns are amazing! Then start cutting out your hearts.

Keep cutting...while your three year old with clean hands slowly takes over the table with his Thomas stuff!

Then I punched a hole at the top of each heart (I wanted mine to dangle a certain way so I only punched one bump per heart). And I strung them up on some white yarn.

Then I strung them up above our kitchen sink! I really like bubble wrap stamps...each stamp is so individual! I'll probably be doing something for St. Patrick's Day with this...BEWARE!

There. I was productive for the day! It's time to grab my youngest two, throw an afghan over us and cuddle till Daddy & Louie come home!

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