Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kidz Explore

This past weekend we took the Kidlets to Kidz Explore. For you who may not have any idea what I'm talking's like a little business convention for kids! We have gone in the past, but not for the last three or four years, so we were primed for an adventure!

And we had a great time! There are local business set up with games, prizes and (of course) a ton of information for Mom & Dad. Did I mention prizes??? Each Munchkin had a bag and they were stuffed by the end. It was like Halloween!

There was an area set up for kids three and under. John & Kat hung out there for quite awhile.

Bouncin' the Day Away. Actually, John doesn't look to sure about that. He's our cautious one!

While Dad hung out with the Littles, Louie and I had some more Dangerous Fun.

Croc? Aligator? I can't tell the difference! All I know is this thing's eyes were GLUED on me and it was creepy!

One of the Sponsors of Kidz Explore was a No Frills Supermarket. They had a long line of food samples. SCORE! Granola bars, Goldfish, Graham Crackers, Juice, Warm Rolls with Peanut Butter & even Ice Cream. Ummmm...yeah. Totally for the kids! I can't help it if my kids like to share with me!

Aren't these little bowls cute??? They came with all the goodies! They are the new "Breakfast Bowls" of the house! And I forgot to mention that we scored a Metric Ton of Kool-Aid! I'm excited to use it in homemade play-doh and I found a cool recipe that mixes Kool-Aid with Vaselin to make lip balm.

It was a good way to pass a Sunday afternoon! It, of course, cost admission to get in (Kat was free). I, being incredibly cheap  money concious kept my inner-debate running, "Should we go?" "Should we find something free to do?" But I'm happy we went & we'll most likely be back there next year!

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