Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Palm Braiding

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday.

It's a pretty big deal in our church, as we celebrate Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. According to the Gospels, Jesus entered Jerusalem riding a donkey and the people celebrated his entrance by laying down their cloaks and branches (palms) in front of him as they sang the Psalms.

At our church, the palms are blessed outside of the church before service. This year a procession started at the back of the parking lot and wound its way inside. After mass, the palms are given to everyone to take home. A lot of people can do some pretty fancy stuff with their palms...make crosses and what not. We braid ours. Pretty plain, but easy enough for my three year old to do! Then we display them...usually behind the cross that each person has in their room.

Here are the palms we brought home.

And here they are after we braided them!

It's a very simple thing to do, but it brings back so many great memories of doing this with my Mom. It makes me smile to be doing the same things with my kids!



Chameleon Girls said...

Thank you for this post. Years ago a lady was handing flowers she made out of palms blessed at mass.

Shellsea said...

I like your braided palms. Found you on blue cricket design. My palms just sit there.

Tasha said...

Wow! I have never seen that before!! Thanks so much for linking it up to Try it Tuesday!! I hope to see you tomorrow!
Have a happy Monday!!