Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I've dropped the...Egg?

So I realize that I've dropped the egg ... ball with keeping you up to date on our Easter Countdown Tree! Sorry about that!
No excuses.
I'm just LAZY!!!
But I'm going to remedy that and get you up to speed!

Day #4 was a slice of soap. #5 was a piece of red cloth. Then a nail and finally dice.

And, since I totally own up to being lazy...I'm went ahead and opened up the remaining eggs after the kids fell asleep and here are the remaining eggs!

Day #8 is three small stones, Day #9 is a piece of white cloth, Day #10 is a large stone and Day #11 are sweet spices. I put cloves and cinnamon in a snack zip lock baggie.

We'll read #11 on Saturday night. Easter Sunday morning we'll read #12 and...

The twelfth egg is left empty, just like they found Jesus' tomb!


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