Friday, April 29, 2011

Countdown To Summer Vacation

The big news around here, now that it's almost May, is Summer Vacation!

Louie figured out how many more days of second grade he has and then figured out how many more days John has left of preK.

What's a Mom and Some Kids to do with this information???

Make a Paper Chain!

With a link for each day left of school. When the boys come home they run to it and rip off the day that they've just finished. Easy. Fun! And...sanity saver. Instead of, "How many more days now, Mom?" being thrown my way a few times a day, I point to their chains and answer, "Count!"

I cut up some construction paper into strips. Then I pulled out the JUMBO Glue Stick. My kids think that any project that involves the JUMBO Glue Stick is the most important project in the world. We counted out the strips that each boy needed and I put them to work.

Kat, obviously, doesn't go to school. But she won't be out-done by her brothers. Plus she's a diva and demands, "Pik-urs, Mommy!" while posing for me. How can I say no to such a sweet request?

Here are the Kidlets with their respective chains.

ps...Yes. That is my angry & mis-understood middle child still in his jammies at 4 in the afternoon. Whoops!


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Jennifer said...

I'm beginning to think all middle children are angry and misunderstood... I know mine is. I should do something like this with the girls, but we still have over a month to go...

Just Jaime said...

So ready for summer too!

Lindsey @ Inspiring Creations said...

So fun, what a fun craft to do with the kids. Thanks for stopping by and linking. :)