Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'd like to dedicate this post to our little oval friend, The Egg.

I'm going to start with these little beauties we bought on vacation last weekend.

Aren't the colors amazing??? It's an old German process they use with furniture glue and dye. The glue preserves the eggs. As long as the shells don't crack, the inside dries up and you can use them year after year. Here is a little more about them.

On to another type of Egg. Friday night it was just the Kidlets and me. Everyone was a little restless because the weather here has turned cold...again. If you don't like the weather in Nebraska, just wait five minutes! Anyway, I declared, "Craft Time!" Before I really had a plan in mind. Here's what we came up with...I know I've seen this idea floating around...and we specialized to for Easter.

Our marker tub went in the middle of the table. Everyone got a coffee filter and full marker access...much to Kat's happiness! I just told the kids to decorate their filters.

Then I grabbed the water spritzer and told them to shoot!

You can just see the water action going on! We let them dry over night. Then I traced an egg pattern on them and cut them out. Here is our result:

I really like how the colors bled after being squirted! This is something we'll do again for different holidays. The kids LOVED the squirting process.

Finally...yesterday my hubby's family had our Annual Egg Coloring party! This is something we do every year...even before we had kids! SO much fun! My mother-in-law uses the Paas Colors. We roll old-school!

John checking out his first egg about a second after putting it in the dye.

Kat was pretty patient! She sat there munching on Grandma Linda's Chocolate Krispies while her eggs dyed!

Louie showing off...and smiling as only a seven-year-old boy can smile! I tell him, "Show me happy!" and this is what I get!!!

Finally...a family of Eggs! You can't beat writing your name in white crayon before dunking your egg and then seeing your name magically appear! Never gets old!!!


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rita jean said...

what a lot of fun eggs!!! I'm all excited to go dye some for easter now! :) Those German eggs are really beautiful!