Monday, December 5, 2011

Thank You, Martha!

We love bacon around here.

And not just for it's amazing health benefits,'ll get back to you on that!

But mostly, because it's YUMMY!

But it makes my house smell like bacon. For a week. Although a few hours of Bacon Smell is welcome, you need to move on. Plus it's messy to fry up. And I'm essentially lazy and don't like to clean that much!

So! Martha suggested (Stewart that is) baking bacon in the oven. 

Total Thinking outside the Pan!

I lined my baking sheets with parchment paper, and spaced out the bacon in a single layer.
Bake at 400 for about 18 minutes. I flipped the bacon over half way through.

It worked like a charm.

Obviously it would. Martha knows what she's talking about!

The kitchen had that awesome bacon smell for awhile. There was no grease dripping from my ceiling. I didn't singe any of my arm hair off. The bacon tasted awesome and was perfectly (and evenly) crispy. And it even had fat bubbles like it normally does!

I might have to listen to Martha more often!


Jennifer said...

I've made bacon in the oven, but I haven't used parchment paper.... I'm going to have to try that. Probably simplifies cleanup. =)

Amy said...

It was pretty quick to clean up! ;)