Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days Of Ornaments Twenty-Eleven!

Happy December Everyone!!!

I'm really feeling the Christmas Spirit this year. We've had some fantastic weather this Fall and I think I'm just ready for some snow and some frost and all the cozy things that go with that!

Last year I challenged myself to make 25 ornaments (one for each day) from December 1 through to Christmas Day. And I DID IT! And I had so much fun, that I want to do it again!

So here I go!

Drum Roll, Please.........

Aren't they sweet? Old Fashioned Looking Baubles!

I found the incredibly easy pattern HERE. They crocheted up so quick and used hardly any yarn. These would make great stash busters and look great on a tree or decorating a gift! And you can embellish them as much or as little as you want...I used sequins, a lazy daisy flower and buttons.

I chose some non-traditional colors because I knew where I wanted to display them:

On Miss Kat's new Super Pink Tree!

What's that?
You want to see more of the tree???
(and, people who know me in real jokes about me buying a pink tree!)

We couldn't resist it! The boys have a blue one in their room. Too cute, and the kids LOVED decorating their own trees, not to mention the insta-night-light the pretty glow creates!

I wasn't about to shell out five bucks for a tree topper, though. Did you notice Kat's star?

Gotta love it being held on by a hair clippie!

Her "super shiny shiny star" started out life as...

...a pumpkin pie tin! I used the tip of my scissors to draw a star on the flat bottom and then cut it out. It was easy as, well, Pumpkin Pie!

Now I just need to whip up some mini-tree skirts!

Please come back tomorrow for Ornament #2!

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