Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Personalized Wrapping Paper

I've been looking for some different and unique ways to do our Christmas wrapping. I'll admit part of the fun of ripping into a present is the crazy paper mess that's left over. Usually to be turned into projectiles...ending with someone getting poked in the eye.

Plus, I usually feel guilty when I look at the paper waste. And I feel ripped (pun intended) off at the store when I have to buy paper that will end up shredded anyway.

I've found a few new & funky ideas on Pinterest:

I think we'll be doing a bit of both. I've got a few bolts of brown paper and a bolt of plain white paper. I love the idea of not having sticky or taped on gift tags!

This was all swirling in my mind this weekend when Louie had a Birthday gift to give one of his buddies. We were having a crazy run-around type weekend and I wanted him to have something calm and quieting to do. He had chosen his current favorite game (Battleship) as a gift, so I wrapped it in brown paper. Then I plunked down the markers and told him to decorate!

Not too shabby! Our oldest is not the most creative Block on the Quilt, so I was proud of his decorating skills!

The only thing I would have changed is adding one of these to the top!


Creatively Content said...

this is a GREAT post. I really think I will tweak and use some of these ideas. thanks. :)

Tire Swing Mom said...

I love wrapping paper made out of things you would use everyday, like brown paper sacks, comic strips, etc. The bows were very clever, too.