Friday, December 2, 2011

Cork Tree Ornament

Day Two of my Ornament Challenge!

This cute little tree is made from wine corks!
I found the idea and instructions HERE at Between the Lines.

I wanted to add the date...and then I got carried away and drew a little star on the top. I'm not diggin' the star. I think I might try to find some sequins or a button or something to cover it.

Other than my horrible star-free-handing skills...I think it's totally adorable! All it took was some corks, hot glue & twine. Oh. And about 3 minutes!!!

Here's a side view:

Now. It's been a long day...and it's getting late. We're supposed to get some serious snow I'm going to burrow under the covers, watch the Dexter Season 2 Finale & start dreaming of a White Christmas!

See You all tomorrow!

p.s. No wine was actually consumed to make this ornament (although the Hubs & I are in a Wine Tasting group). I found a bag of these corks at Hobby Wobby (to be said in the minister's accent of Princess Bride).

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