Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super Complicated Recipe...

Are you up for it?

I was nervous.

But I made it work with my mad cooking skills!

You take some popped popcorn and put it in a baggie.
Then add some Cheeze-Its.
Then add some Fruit Cheerios.
Then add some mini marshmallows.
Then add some milk chocolate chips.
Then add some Kix cereal.

Then do it 27 more times!

This equals what we call Stash Busting Snack Mix and it's what my almost-8-year-old asked to take to school tomorrow to share with his friends for his birthday!

Saturday is the big day in our house! My BABY turns EIGHT!


1 comment:

Amy said... complicated! :) This is so much fun to make and to eat. I can imagine myself munching on these all day long.

I'm been browsing around your blog and love your ideas. Your kids are adorable too. I just became your newest follower and hope you'll have time to check out mine and follow back. Take care.