Friday, May 13, 2011

Self Indulging Post...

Welcome to another Weekend, Everyone!

One more week of school for my boys and then it's on to Summer Fun!

Couple of things to share today!

First...drum roll...I've reached FIFTY Followers! Hooray!

#50 is a good friend of mine, Mary! Thanks, Mary!

I love to blog. It is great "me" time and it helps me keep a little bit sane! But it feels good to know there are awesome people out there (like you all) who are willing to read my Blabbing! :)


because I can't help myself...


Thank you, Sweet Louie. For turning me into a Mommy 8 years ago. For being a cuddly peanut. For making me realize that my heart is now carried outside of my body. For all the reasons you gave me to hold you and rock you and sing to you.
Thank you for turning into this toddley little man. Who excelled at anything he tried. Who had endless questions. Who made me think. Who made me worry. Who rocked out to Johnny Cash. Who always remembered to say "Please" and "Thank You". Who always wanted one more kiss and one more book before bed.

Thank you for turning into this great kid. Who pushed me to be more creative, more spontaneous, more patient and more agile (dodging Legos and Matchbox cars on the floor!). Thank you for melting my heart with your sweet songs. Thank you for rekindling the excitement of learning new things. Thank you for sharing endless stories about your days spent at school.

Thank you for being this ultra-cool, ultra-suave dude. Thank you for butting heads with shows me you are not a follower. Thank you for being loyal to your friends and always routing for the under dog. Thank you for being an awesome big brother. Thank you for Loving your family, neighbors and the environment. Thank you for saying quick prayers when you see a fire truck or ambulance. Thank you for reminding me that we should forgive our enemies. Thank you for being a Beautiful Child of God.

And Thank You, Dear Lord, for knowing that we needed Louie.

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