Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Modern Day Love Story...

...Otherwise Known As...

Kat {Hearts} Princess Pink Piggie

It all started on a Sunny Thursday Afternoon. Mommy (me) piled the kids into the Swagger Wagon ('s a Kia, but I like to call it my Swagger Wagon. don't judge me.) and headed South to our FAV consignment shop. 
It's our FAV because they opened up a Dollar Store version right across the street from the main shop for overstocked items. LOVE! Everything is one dollar. Swimsuits, Jeans, Toys...WHATEVER. Books for 50 cents. Love, Love, LOVE!
As I searched for some summer clothes, Louie read some books to the Littles. After awhile, Kat decided to follow me around.

Then It Happened!

We strolled past the toy section. There sat Princess Pink Piggie. Their eyes met and locked. The world disappeared. All that was left was a girl and a large stuffed pig. My girl locked onto that thing so strongly I was reminded of  the "imprinting" from the Twilight series (yep. I'm a Twilight nerd.). 

I'm glad it was only a dollar. I'm also glad that it seemed fairly clean. The idea of buying a used stuffed animal is less than appealing to me. But she had her claws wrapped around that thing so tightly, there was NO coming between them.

Here they are saying their "Good-byes" as Princess Pink Piggie was heading to the washing machine and Kat was heading for a Lysol Spray Down.

One final lop-sided glance before shutting the lid.

Now that Princess Pink Piggie was clean we had one more obstacle to overcome. VELCRO! The pigs hands & feet (or, rather, hooves?) had velcro patches on them. I'm a fan of velcro on most things. But it's too scratchy for a lovie PLUS it gets easily snagged in my girlie's fine hair. So, it had to go.

A sneaky little minor surgery while Kat slept did the trick!

Reunited in the Morning!

Hmmm...little bit shaggy. I'm debating...cut the bangs or no? What do you think???

Little Girl + Stuffed Pink Pig = PURE JOY!


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