Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Bucket List: Take One!

Am I going to do a Summer Bucket List post everyday?

Probably not! But today was our first day and I'm all excited!

I went out on a limb and bought an actual bucket for our Bucket List at Target's Dollar Spot. Then I wrote down all the items on pieces of construction paper and folded them up.

We let Kat do the first draw! This turned John into a weepy mess (he plays the tortured Middle Child well). This, in turn, caused Kat to turn into a weepy mess. So with sniffles, wails and snot rivers...the job somehow got done!

And First out was SCAVENGER HUNT!

We loaded snacks, drinks and Kat into the wagon and hit the pavement.

Louie's Challenge was to find as many things with the letter "L" as he could.
John's Challenge was to fine as many yellow things as he could.
Kat's Challenge was to be cute and give Mom a work out hauling the wagon around the block.

John kept simple tally marks on his sheet of paper and found 23 yellow things: dandelions, fire hydrant, hose, three types of flowers, a bottle cap, spray paint on the street, road name a few.

Louie wrote his list out and found 20 "L" things: light pole, leaf, littering (not us! he found a wrapper on the ground), license plate, lawn, lines, name a few.

This is an activity that I'll throw back into the bucket in a week or so and we can look for different letters & colors.



Jennifer said...

Fun =) I think we need to have a scavenger hunt when we finally get to summer break.

mamareav said...

Thanks for your great comment on my page! go make your dress and let me know how it goes!
I love this idea of a summer bucket list, I am going to do this as my kidlets are off for half term next week.
Thanks for the help in keeping them happy!

Shellsea said...

What a great idea!! You're a fantastic mom! :-)