Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine's Day Wreath

I've been spending a lot of my time reading other blogs and gathering Valentine crafty ideas. Now I need to start DOING!

My first official craft was this cute little wreath I found here at Trendy Pockets. I love the poofiness of it! Mine didn't end up so poofy. In fact, when I first finished, I wasn't sure I even liked mine. But it's grown on me!

So you want to start with a styrofoam wreath form. Mine was white to begin with, but if your's is green, you'll want to paint it white, pink or red. Then you'll need some loofas! I had a new white and pink one in the cabinet waiting to be used. Find the part where it's cinched in the center and snip the cord holding it all together. You will then have loofa guts spilling out on your table!

I think mine didn't end up as poofy, because my loofas were tiny to begin with. I was also surprised that the "pink" one was really a combination of pink and white. OH WELL!

I started with the white "material" and hot glued the of one of my loofa entrails to my wreath. I then just loosely wraped it around and around, hot glueing the ends and then glueing the next piece of material right on top. I fluffed as I went.

I had gone on a Valentine Hunt at the Dollar Tree and found the exact same heart picks as the original poster! My life is so exciting!!! So I snapped off the stick part and hot glued the hearts on top of the loofa poof(a).  I saved the pretty cording that the loofa came with and glued it onto the back to use as a hanger for my new wreath!

What do you think?

It does need more poof. But I like it a little bit more every day!

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