Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Great Cub Cook-Off

Well. Maybe it wasn't a cook-off, but Louie is a Wolf Cub this year and one of their achievements was to plan a meal and then help to prepare and serve it and then clean up.

I had just stumbled across this AWESOME recipe at Why Not on a Tuesday. The recipe is for Pizza Bites and they are da BOMB! Oh yeah. So yummy I'm going old school! When I asked Louie what his favorite home-cooked (to eliminate him from shouting "Taco Bell!") meal was he didn't hesitate in wanting to make Pizza Bites.

I'm ashamed that I didn't take pictures of him during the prep-process. My photo card keeps wandering away from me...or, rather, I keep leaving it in bizarre places like my lap top and then forgetting that it is in my lap top. Then I grabbed my computer to make sure we did all the steps in the recipe (so easy I've committed it to memory) and BEHOLD! My photo card! is the finished product:

The original recipe uses pepperoni, however J. has objections to pepperoni when it's INSIDE anything. He'll eat it out of the bag all day long. As long as I don't mix it up or sprinkle it on anything. So I had Louie make half out of pepperoni and half out of ground beef. It was a great lesson in browning beef and then draining all the grease. These puppies are great EITHER way!

As you can see...we couldn't wait to take a bite...

Yummy layered pepperoni and mozzarella goodness! Louie decided to serve these with warmed up pizza sauce and green beans. For dessert he made a fruit salad out of his favorite fruits!

Apples, Blackberries and Mandarin Oranges! Good choices, Louie!

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