Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's been awhile since I've blogged! That's not a good thing...but I HAVE been doing this and that!

My first project has been to de-pacify Kat. Believe me...that took a LOT of time. We went cold turkey, because I was tired of seeing this all the time:

I know. I know. Who could get tired of looking at this all day? Well the blondie hair and blue eyes and chubby cheeks could be gazed at all day. It's the glaring yellow paci that was bugging me. It had to go! So about four days were spent with me being locked in perma-Kat-grip. And she only screamed "MAMA! Daddy!" a billion times as she whimpered herself to sleep. And now she's CURED! Check out my happy-paci-free baby:

That nasty task being done...I turned to something much more pleasant! I spent a week falling in love with Blythe! Who is Blythe, you ask? Take a peek!

People of the Blog-o-sphere...Meet Blythe! My darling hubby got me a Nook for a post-Christmas surprise. I toyed with the idea of ereaders for a while. The thing is...I just love books. The heft, the sound of pages turning, the way they look on my shelves...and, mostly, the smell. Ahhhhhh...paper smell...(I might get into that in a later post)...Ahhhhh. So I wasn't sure if I'd like a cold, hard, non-book book. Oh, but I do. I won't ever give up my paper books, but the Nook is so handy! I love it, too. It's like being in a Bookworm Love Triangle! Thanks, James, for knowing me better than I know myself. xoxo

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