Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Sharing

I hope you all had a Wonderfully Warm & Blessing Filled Thanksgiving!

We sure did!

We spent the day with my parents and grandmother. My mom made the traditional turkey, stuffing, potatoes...and I was in charge of cranberry salad and pies!

Why can't we all just get along?!?! lol

I whipped up a cute little hair clippie for Kat. You can find the instructions with great photos HERE at Happy Hour Projects!

The little Gobbler was eyeing my Pecan Pie!

LOVE how the ribbon looks like a crown from the front! Kat was our Turkey Fairy Princess!

This was such a cute and easy project!

Then it was time to eat! John & Louie entertained us with a song John learned at pre-school. 
(sung to the tune of Are You Sleeping)

Mr. Turkey (Mr. Turkey)
Big and Fat (Big and Fat)
I am going to eat you (I am going to eat you)
Just like THAT! (Just like THAT!)

After we were all properly stuffed, James helped my dad set up their ginormous Christmas tree. Then we headed home.

Now. We live in Nebraska. And it was November 24th. In NEBRASKA. And our thermometer on our van was reading 70 degrees! In November. In Nebraska! That only means one thing...


Louie was invited to spend the night with my parents and Kat zonked out on the ride home, but John whipped out the sidewalk chalk while we put up the outdoor lights. Here is his portrait of moi!

Kid made me look 50 pounds lighter!!!

These lines are his rendition of my plaid shoes! John is all about the details!

He's also all about Self Expression!

I'm in full Christmas Mode now! How about you?
I still have a few Fall-ish things to share that I'm going to try and squeeze on here.

But, Advent starts this Sunday and this year we're doing a Jesse Tree! I'm excited to share it with the kids and with you. I'm also in the process of putting together our Countdown to Christmas Activity Advent Calendar. Not to mention the presents I need to make. Hmmm...I'm getting tired...time for a nap!!!

And! Be watching...I'll be doing an Ornament a Day like last year!


Jennifer said...

Jellied cranberry sauce in a can is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. =)

Amy said...

I love the canned cranberry sauce, too! AND a good cranberry salad!!! I had both on my plate! :)