Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Felt Leaf Garland

Oh Sweet Pinterest.
How do I love thee?
Too much! That's how!!!

So. I was on Pinterest. Again. Duh. 
And I found THIS amazing garland.

I love Fall colors, falling leaves, and garlands to string up around the house! Perfect Project!
Elsie at A Beautiful Mess Blog has a great tutorial post on how to make your own! Go check hers out...and then check out the one I made:

I used felt I had on hand and cut out a LOT of leaves. A lot.

Awesome Autumnal Colors!

Did I mention I cut out a lot? A lotta leaves.

I had a golden/yellow embroidery floss on hand, and that's what I used to hand stitch the leaves together.

Again. A. Lot. Of. Leaves.

Time to string them up!

I really do love this garland. The colors are just enough to pop without being TOO much. It's simple, but so pretty! And, since it's almost time to take down the Fall stuff and put up the Christmas have a whole year to make one for yourself!

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Creatively Content said...

This is lovely..i like the large stitches sewn throughout the garland. Very pretty Amy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family/