Saturday, November 26, 2011

Horn o' Plenty

Both our boys had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off this past week for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
That means I heard a lot of, "I'm hungry!" "Can I have a snack?" "When's lunch?" The lunch question was posed at 9:38 on Wed. morning.

Luckily I saw this cute Cornucopia idea HERE!

And I threw some together for a surprising snack!

The recipe is basic:
Sugar Cone = cornucopia
Goldfish & Pretzels (or whatever your kids like to munch) = bounty for the inside

Fill up the cones with your snacks.

Feed them to your starving children.

I told the boys to look "Thankful" for the photos. This is what I get...Louie the actor in the shot above & John, Mr. Get out of my way, Mom, I'm watching Phineas & Ferb, in the shot below!

Either way...they both loved it!

Side note...John (our weird one) LOVES ice cream cones with out the ice cream! If we are at a restaurant that includes a cone as dessert, we have to order it for him minus the ice cream. So these snacks were right up his alley!


Heather said...

I am SO stealing this idea for Christmas vaca! My girls will think these are the greatest snacks ever. I think they'll even fall for it if I stuff them with grapes and blueberries instead of goldfish. Although, I'm sure the goldfish will be a bigger hit.

Amy said...

The kids are now requesting their snacks in sugar cones! :) They love the idea that when they are so hungry...they can even eat the "bowl"! I think grapes and blueberries would make a yummy stuffing!